Year 2 Sun Catchers

This term’s Year 2 Art program has been structured to tie in with the Inquiry Unit (Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect, Rethink). Therefore, our first project, making Sun Catchers, involved reusing and recycling old materials. Check out the project and how we tackled it.

Step 1: Tracing around our ring and bubblewrap

Step 2: Puncturing the bubblewrap and adding recycled materials such as beads, buttons and sequins

This is precision work

Step 3: Covering the ring in old yarn and adding tails

Step 4: Cutting out the bubblewrap and securing it to the ring

We can always use some help from our class members

Feeling proud of our creations

Step 5: Reflecting on our project and thinking about what we’ve learnt

Step 6: Displaying our work at the front of the school

Don’t our sun catchers look effective? We are certainly proud of our artwork!

March Art Gallery

Students have been very busy in the Art room this year. Check out our Art Gallery:

Year 5 – Dreamtime Indigenous dot paintings

Year 3 – Pro Hart Dragonflies

Year 1 – Mini Me
Modelling and textile project

Year 2 The Treasure Box
Drawing and collage

For more terrific art work be sure to walk through the Staff Centre hallways.

Year 2 Art: The Treasure Box

The Year 2 students are off to a great start in Visual Arts. This term we are linking the Visual Arts program with their Inquiry unit which is based on the through line of Identity with a focus on “We Are Australian”.

Our first project was a response to the book ‘The Treasure Box’ by Margaret Wild and Freya Blackwood. It is an emotive book about a young boy who is forced to flee his war torn country. He manages to keep his town’s last surviving book safe in a treasure box where he returns many years later to recover it. The book symbolises nationality, hope and history.

Students have created a collage which reflects the techniques used by the illustrator as well as eliciting similar moods through their use of colour and light. They have considered what their most treasured possession is and recreated this in their collage. Check out some of them at work in the Art room and their outstanding work.