Year 2 Sun Catchers

This term’s Year 2 Art program has been structured to tie in with the Inquiry Unit (Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect, Rethink). Therefore, our first project, making Sun Catchers, involved reusing and recycling old materials. Check out the project and how we tackled it.

Step 1: Tracing around our ring and bubblewrap

Step 2: Puncturing the bubblewrap and adding recycled materials such as beads, buttons and sequins

This is precision work

Step 3: Covering the ring in old yarn and adding tails

Step 4: Cutting out the bubblewrap and securing it to the ring

We can always use some help from our class members

Feeling proud of our creations

Step 5: Reflecting on our project and thinking about what we’ve learnt

Step 6: Displaying our work at the front of the school

Don’t our sun catchers look effective? We are certainly proud of our artwork!